Home Networking

Gone are the days where computers were used as standalone devices. High speed Internet and advanced wireless communications mean that home networking, as well as business networking, has not only become viable but extremely beneficial. You can connect the desktop, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, games consoles, Sky box, and even the TV to your network in order to share applications and media or to perform advanced tasks.

Sharing files has never been easier than when you have a network setup in your home. You no longer need to save to CD or even flash drive and then open these files on another computer. With a robust network it is possible to delve into the folders of other computers to access the files they contain. You can even prevent access to some folders while offering access to others.

Home networking does require the right hardware. Typically, this means a router and WiFi dongles or Ethernet cables but it will depend on your network requirements and the layout of your home. A professionally designed home network can offer you many benefits ensuring that you only share files that you want others to access and still providing you with the highest level of security from those outside your network.