LG Is Making Its Debut With A Stereo Speaker

The LG G7 of the LG Company – is an attempt to return the company’s former position. LG with its upcoming flagship LG G7 is going to take a huge move towards the success with its bendable display. It in no case cannot be compared with previous generations. G3 was gorgeous. G4 with its zest (skin on the back), but it was not so cheerful. G5 Reputation is absolutely no device, which was impossible to buy. Now we have a G6 for this year and that’s another story. It did not look like any of his predecessors. The only thing that unites our hero to them: the letter «G» and positioning as a leader. Although we already have more V20, which also did not go far wrong them.

The new smartphone LG G7 seems a kind of a master of all its predecessors integrating a dynamic Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor, Removable Li-Ion 4000mAh battery capacity and is coming out with a latest interface Android 8.0. It is expected that the new version would be named as “Oreo”.

The G6 has added a number of interesting like wired headphones, OTG-Adapter, Cable USB Type-C. On the front side of LG G6, we have absolutely flat protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. Yes, now in vogue 2.5D-glass.The new wireless headphones of LG G7 will break the trend of predecessors of LG G series. Upcoming flagship LG G7 will be highly resistant to water and dust with the Safety glass, Corning Glass 5, present on both the sides of the phone. It is curved in all directions. Light shimmers beautifully on the bends – it looks great.

 According to a rumor, on the top of the LG G7 screen is present two symmetrical eye camera, and below the power button with an integrated fingerprint reader. The solution is easy to use, so we will not raise the debate on the «Power» key transport issue. It is good that LG is faithful to their traditions.

The new flagship smartphone of LG, LG G7 will make you grin with its outstanding stereo speaker which is also a debut of this feature as the LG G6 has only one speaker. Other high-end devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ also exhibit this feature, so competition is quite tough here for LG to make its first inning. I really liked the idea with a bendable display with stereo speakers present at the top of the screen. It looks cool and original!

It was seen in LG G6 that in spite of the fifth generation of the protective glass from Corning, it was still scratched. I do not know what they were doing with the device previous reviewers, but I treated him very carefully. However, the scratch was still there. Let’s see how much high-security and reliability LG provides us with its upcoming smartphone LG G7. It is highly expected that the phone will launch in January 2018.

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