Why Should You Switch To 9apps? Is It Worth It?

From where do you download all the applications in your smart phone? Do you feel that Android has only one source and that is Play Store? Well, you have no idea how many options you have in the sources in the present time.

Have you ever heard about the platform of 9apps? It is a parallel platform to Play Store. In simple words the way you get so many applications from Play Store on your android device, this platform also does the same thing. It gives you endless options in applications and hence satisfies your needs without any hassle.

What makes it different from Play Store?

Well, it is a common question that might pop up in the mind of many of the readers. Well, you know the foremost and most exciting thing about this platform is that you can get even the premium and many paid applications without any cost. You would not have to take their subscription at all. If you feel that it would be too heavy for your device then you are wrong. The size of this platform is only 1.99 megabytes. In this way you would get a variety of options in applications that you have had no idea about. 

A threshold to plentiful applications 

You know what you can come across plentiful applications in the present era that are as per your choice, comfort, need and specifications. Whether you want to have an application that has booking facilities, food, education, learning, music, videos, movies, games or anything else; the platform caters you everything. In this way you would not have to rely on any other platform to get the apps that make your device rich and more productive. 

No virus at all!

Many people feel that if they would download and install the applications in their android phone from any other source than Play Store then their device would get virus. Well, of course, if you are downloading the applications from any random platform then you might face the virus thing but this 9apps platform is absolutely safe. You would not have to worry about anything. It is safe and there is no scope of virus. After all, it is the reason that it has become so popular across the globe. And not to forget it is not a new player in the market but has been catering the world since its beginning in the year 1999. This China based company is not leaving any stone unturned to give the users a contenting and satisfying experience.

Quick performance 

Talking about eh performance of this application, it is absolutely quick and you would not find any type of hiccups. The platform enables the users to explore the options without any delays or sluggishness. You just have to download the platform from the official website and you are good to experience speed and quality both.


Thus, if you have always used Play Store then it is time that you try out this platform too. It would not disappoint you for sure.

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