Choosing Curtain Cleaners: How Favourable It Would Be?

Apart from blocking the sunlight, curtains can transform a room by adding charm to your room decor. Well, as the time passes, dust and unpleasant odours start accumulating all over your curtains. Instead of bearing odour and old-look of your curtains, you could ask for services which are just a call away! Before you jump into conclusion, this blog is more about curtain cleaning benefits and cleaning processes being performed-

Benefits you get from curtain cleaning: Your home is the place, which your children and pets find playful and they often make it untidy without sparing your curtains though! Even if you are a party-lover and love to drink and often do smoking within your home space, then curtain cleaners could bring you some possible solution with necessary aids. Cleaners involved in cleaning, without damaging the fibres and hence you get the things mentioned below –

  • Protecting textile and colours
  • Maintaining the fresh smell across the room
  • Lesser time to dry
  • Hygienic treatment of stains and dust
  • Long-lasting after cleaning effect

Curtain cleaning is not difficult though; it takes some special products that curtain cleaners use to blow off the cigarette smoke, cooking aromas causing discolouration to your curtain.

How curtain cleaning works:

Depending on the material of your curtains, you could simply give them hand wash or can put them in washing machine-

When it is better to give machine wash:

  • If you find that your washing machine has a delicate cycle, be sure before using it, or you simply go for a cool wash with slow spin.
  • Laundry detergent for normal use can also be fine to use.

This option is reliable when your curtains weigh less and retain less water than other heavy materials. Although, some materials need special attention, thus check the labels before you put them for laundry.

When it is better to give hand wash:

It’s quite hectic to wash curtains by hands, instead of washing them in the machine. Well, in case of delicate materials like fibre containing 100% cotton, it’s a good choice to give hand wash.

How curtain cleaners work instead:

As one of the most convenient method, steam cleaner is used with an upholstery attachment. Steam cleaning is a better choice if the material is made from heavy materials. Let’s see, how it works-

  • Cleaning start from the top and the entire work go down the curtain.
  • Appliances are kept further if it is seen that material is becoming wet.
  • Cleaners wear protective clothing to guard them against burning steam.

Apart from steam cleaning, dry cleaning also has some commendable cleaning applications. As it does not make use of moisturising, it is proven as flexible service to remove indecent odours and stains from curtains.  

  • Require a team to remove and reinstall the curtains from the railing.
  • The zero drying time and use around sensitive materials like cotton and silk have increased its value.
  • The cleaning agents used in this process are not allergic and safe for children and pets.

Last, but not the least, cleaning curtains could be a bit easier if you start following few rules beforehand. For example, try to reduce the absorption of smells by keeping the door of your kitchen closed and vacuum your curtains regularly.

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