Capture The Joyous Moments Of Your Auspicious Wedlock

Phil Stanley photographers are Essex rooted photographers who are famous for creating beautiful and alluring photographs. These pretty pictures convey the momentousness of your wedding day.

They capture all the moments of your wedding day and all the functions. You will get a complete line-up of all the photographs from both men and women panorama. Phil Stanley photographers click natural, informal and unnoticed pictures of the bride and groom covering all the necessary details. “Fusion”: a photo film package that merges audio, videos, and songs to make a beautiful film that reflects the full aerosphere of the wedding occasion.

Prices of Phil Stanley Photography:

You can select any wedding package according to your needs. These costs are based on the grade of the work and the time spends to create the digital memories:

Fusion Package:The Fusion package cost £695 and includes full day digital broadcasting of all the wonderful marriage moments. You can avail discounts on Sunday to Thursday and out of season.  It includes:

  •        Full narrative of the wedding day counting photographs, music and video
  •        A pre-wedding discussion prior the wedding rites to converse about the timings of the day
  •        Complete coverage of full wedlock day including bridal preparation to dance
  •        Snap and shots to be posted on social sites is delivered electronically on a USB stick
  •        A gift voucher plan

Phil Stanley photographers create albums using pictures of your choice at very reasonable price. Audio recordings of the function and important verbal messages make the wedding film more interesting.

How do Phil Stanley Photographers conduct the photo session?

Bridal Photo Shoot: All the auspicious moments at the bride’s home, a hotel or a particular venue are captured.  The makeup, dresses, bouquet images and other informal shots of bridesmaids who accompany the bride are taken.

Bridegroom’s Preparation:

The couple takes casual pictures of the wedding boy talking with friends or cracking jokes. Candid shots are taken to capture the jubilance of celebrations in the atmosphere. The kinsfolk of the bride must reach the venue in time, just because to take some shots of the entire party and the groom individually. Later they have to greet the guests and escort them to their places.

Entry of the Bride: Images are clicked when the bride enters the venue along with her father. When the bride reaches, one photographer covers the weeding girl and the other one will capture the expressions of the bridesmaids.

The Occasion: The photographers work to catch the maximum event, one at the back of the gathering and the other at the forepart.

The Signing: We take all important pictures of the legal process without photographing the original papers. The gossiping of couple and its families is covered in the most natural way.

Outside the Church: Candid and unposed photos of the newly wedded couple, friends and family congratulating them and other joyous moments are taken.

Reception: Phil Stanley photographers click the pictures of the couple while departing for the reception by a car or a wagon. The wedding hall is covered by taking shots of the decoration, the table arrangement and much more. Families greeting each other and children making merry and romantic photos of the twosome are taken.

All the images are processed and a digital film is made and delivered to the client. Albums are made on special orders.

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