Share A Special Moment With Online Photo Postcards

Remember those times when you would get a postcard from your best friend during the summer vacation trips? Or maybe when your grandparents took a trip to the seaside and thought of sending you a special note? Well, you can relive those times and not only that, you can share new memories the same way also. How? Now you can send photo postcards from online to anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

There’s a special remnant of a memory that is shared by photo postcards. Whether, it’s the picture of a sky-piercing peak or endless blue oceans or just a special moment between two people; postcards have a way of storing and reliving memories like no other.

The very first photo postcards helped those going far and beyond to stay in touch with their dear ones. Today, in the age of social media and real-time messaging services, photo postcards seemed to have lost its influence.

But while social media, instant status updates and pics with emojis are cool, they lack the sentimental and emotional value. It’s a different feeling altogether to send photo postcards from online and have it delivered by courier mail.

In the world of the virtual, anything real adds more value than usual. All you need to do is upload the photos you want on your postcard from your computer (or your smartphone), write a note that is meaningful and adds value and let us do the rest.

If you have a Facebook account, you can also choose the photos from your Facebook album. Once that done, here comes the important part.

Express your thoughts and emotions and what special message you have in mind. Draft your message with care and post it with us. Once that’s done, we will take care of the delivery. And here’s the best part – we deliver to anywhere in the world. Yes! Literally anywhere. And you do not have to pay a single penny extra for delivery. Whether your friend lives in Tuscany or your brother lives in Tokyo, your postcard will get delivered without exception.

So, no matter where your loved one lives, we’ll make sure that it reaches. Find an online postcard service, download the app from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and start sending photo postcards, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

While we live in the world of tweets, Instagram updates and snap chat videos, we have access to everyone’s updates and images. Strangely enough, even though we have all that at our fingertips, we still lack personal connection. We have friends but no time to connect with them. We have pictures but nobody worthwhile to enjoy them with.

That is because every time somebody sends you a message or a video or a picture, it’s testament to your value. So, take out some time and create a little memory for that special person. Send photo postcards from online for your special person without any hassle today.

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