Personalised Prints Make Great Frugal Gifts

Despite the impending fear of a “lost decade” in terms of the U.K economy, Brits are battening down the hatches and getting on with life. After all, this is the land of keeping calm, carrying on, making do and mending until times improve. The wartime sense of soldiering on is a British institution, and that essence is still part of today’s recession-ridden lifestyle.

According to the Financial Times, national holidays and traditions like Christmas and birthday gifts will help boost the U.K economy. And it’s into this area that photo printing has taken a curious turn for the better. Personalised gifts are nothing new, but software like Instagram and Adobe Photoshop is helping users to be more creative than ever. A professional finish is often what’s lacking from things like family photo albums, but current software means individuals and businesses are able to produce exceptionally professional results on their personal computers.

Personalised Prints and Cards

Canvas prints, framed prints, photo books and personalised photo cards are simple, great value and noticeably original. There are heaps of great online print companies out there, usually providing free downloadable software that enables the user to create their own personalised cards, prints and photo books at home before uploading the finished product for printing and finishing.

Personalised Photo Gifts

It’s not just about “World’s Greatest…” mugs! Online print companies can produce jigsaws, photo cubes, cushions, teddies, snow globes, bags and heaps of other superb products, all personalised to client specifications.

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