Five Top Roller Shutter Garage Door Trends To Look Out

In recent years, roller shutters have become quite popular as garage doors due to a plethora of reasons. Shutters are easy to operate as they can be motorised. So, you can open or close the door with a click of the switch. Besides, they offer the maximum level of protection and your cars will remain safe. Garage shutter doors come with several features and with different colours. 

Therefore, it’s time to discard the idea of choosing a traditional shutter having no charm or appeal. If you want to make your garage look presentable and charming just like the rest of your house’s exterior, we hope that the below explained trends will give you some ideas. 

Roller Shutter Doors With Vertical Or Horizontal Windows 

You shouldn’t enclose the garage completely because that might cause suffocation and dampness. So, you can order a roller shutter door having small windows, either in the vertical or horizontal axes. These windows will let fresh air and sunlight flood the garage’s interiors. Also, such roller shutters are quite charming and will enhance the overall aesthetics. 

Going Bold With The Colour Palette

It’s time to get rid of the obsolete grey or brown coloured roller shutter garage doors Chelmsford and choose a bold chrome palette. For example, you can choose matte black shutter doors or bright red combined with dark maroon for making the garage look gorgeous and eye-boggling. 

Customising The Roller Shutter Doors 

Customisation of roller shutters in Chelmsford has become quite popular and therefore, look for a firm that can offer this type of service. There are many things that you can do with the roller shutters like including open slats at the top or installing divided shutters for a large garage. 

The Additional Layer Of Protection 

You can add the roller shutter garage doors Chelmsford as an additional layer of protection to your garage. For example, let’s assume that you already have a sliding or double door installed in your garage. If they have failed to make the garage look more appealing and beautiful, you can use a shutter door as an additional layer on the exterior. 

Integrating Security Sensors In Shutter Doors 

To make sure that your garage and the cars are optimally protected, you can install a shutter with integrated security sensors. For example, you can integrate a biometric or fingerprint scanner so that only the concerned people can open the shutter door. Similarly, combining an alarm system will let you know about forced entries or unexpected intrusions. 

Final Thoughts 

As the roller shutter garage doors are in high demand, make sure to discuss with the manufacturer the features you want to include. Also, do go through some samples to decide whether they will be perfect for your garage or not. Do not compromise the shutter’s quality and performance just to save a couple of bucks because these doors are meant to protect your cars. 

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