The Future Of The Smart Home

Smart home products exploded on the market in 2017.  In the coming years, as Internet of Things (IoT) devices become more common, we can expect for them to be smart versions of most of the appliances and devices that we use in our homes daily.  We have smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart vacuums, smart refrigerators – the list goes on and on!  Check out below some of the smart home devices you can expect to gain popularity in the next wave of home automation.

Smart Lawn Mowers – While the smart lawn mower has been around for a while now, but they are rapidly decreasing in price and increasing in accuracy and efficiency.  They are secure and have built in safety measures now and are programmable and upgradeable.  The smart lawn mower will save millions of hours of labor every year, just think about how many hours we spend during the summer months mowing lawns.  This will also have a positive effect on the environment, cutting into fossil fuel consumption.

Smart Cooking Devices– This isn’t just one smart device, but encompasses many upcoming products.  There are smart ovens, microwaves, and even smart pressure cookers.  If you can think of a kitchen device or appliance, it will likely have a smart version soon enough.  The benefit of these devices is that they can help improve your cooking and health, even if you are not a pro chef, with built in sensors to identify food and cook it accordingly, all without you having to follow directions.  They will also offer greater control over your kitchen with the ability to check in on food remotely as it cooks, even if you aren’t in the kitchen.

Smart Security – Smart devices that keep your home safe include smart door bells, cameras, sensors, and locks.  More and more homes will begin to integrate these devices into their security systems.  You will be able to make sure you have total control over the security of your home, and can even remotely monitor every connected camera and sensor in the house.

Smart Power – While smart lights have been around for a while, it can be a pain to have to install a smart light bulb or outlet in every room or light fixture.  New devices are being developed that will either connect to or be installed in place of fuse boxes that provides total control over every electrical outlet or powered device in the home.  They can also provide real time stats on electrical usage and help with energy costs.

Smart homes are here, and the technology will only advance from here.  The home of the future will be totally controlled by the homeowner, and will help by reducing energy usage and improve our daily lives.

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