How to Make Your Garden a Year Round Space

Naturally we tend to make the most of our gardens during the warmer months. In the UK it does certainly feel as though the warmer parts of the year are becoming more and more condensed. Therefore, in the future it makes sense that you might add features to your garden that make it more amenable even in colder temperatures. And now there are winter garden designs bring extra light, extra air and additional breathing space into your residence and also give it a new look.

The aim is to have a garden space that is functional all year round. Gardens come alive in the spring and summer months, but this doesn’t mean that they are dead and useless for the rest of the time.

One obvious way to make your garden a year round space is to install a garden building, such as garden rooms or garden offices. By doing this you are essentially moving the benefits of the indoors to the outdoors. If you work from home then a garden office can be extremely useful freeing up the rest of your home for the important business of living.

Flowers and plants make a garden. Obviously flowers are very seasonal; however not all flowers bloom during the spring and summer. You might consider some winter flowering plants, such as winter flowering honeysuckle. These flowers are just as beautiful as spring-blooms and will ensure your garden stays vibrant and youthfully pretty even in the depths of winter.

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden it is definitely a good idea to think how you can make it a year round space – especially as our warmer months become shorter.

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