Installing The Right Type Of System For Hot Water Service

The concept of bathing with hot water has prevailed for generations. Hot water systems are a necessity in our house. Although we often tend to take them for granted, we cannot imagine our lives without proper hot water service. We count on them for a variety of everyday purposes, as they help to make our life convenient and stress-free with constant hot water supply. To better understand a hot water system and to choose the right system for your house, know about the three different kinds of hot water systems available in the market. 

Three Kinds of Hot Water Systems 

There are three main kinds of systems that can offer hot water service. They are: 

  • Storage Hot Water System: This kind of hot water system follows the mechanism akin to that of an electric kettle. In this system, energy is converted to heat energy. This energy heats the water and waits for it to reach a preset temperature. After the temperature is reached, the system switches off automatically. To maintain the water’s high temperature, a thermostat is used, which also serves the purpose of a switch. If the water cools down, the thermostat automatically switches on, and the device starts heating the water again. 
  • Solar Water Heating System: As the name suggests, this kind of hot water service system harnesses solar energy to heat water. This is the most cost-effective kind of heating system. There are two kinds of solar water heating systems- active and passive. Based on the number of people who will be using the water, the size of a solar water heating system must be chosen carefully. However, the quality of water plays an important role in determining the longevity of the system. Remember, mineralized water causes damage to the solar water heating system. 
  • On-Demand Water Heating System: This is the most popular kind of hot water system. The name itself suggests that this kind of system only heats water when the water supply is needed. The process is instantaneous, and hence it is ideal for domestic purposes such as bathrooms, kitchens, and so on. This system also uses much less energy as compared to other hot water systems! 

Why Should You Have A Hot Water System at Home?

There are several reasons why hot water service systems are a must-have in our houses. Know why:  

  • They help in water conservation: Hot water systems only heat as much water as you require. This helps to prevent the heating of excessive water unnecessarily. 
  • They are energy-efficient: The modern-day hot water systems are energy-efficient. This helps to save a lot of energy. Therefore, once you install a hot water system in your house, you can remain assured that your energy bills will be considerably slashed. 
  • These systems supply hot water instantly: Getting hot water has never been easier than this before. Once you install a hot water system in your house, getting hot water on demand will become hassle-free. 


Considering all these factors, the importance of a hot water service system in a domestic household or office environment cannot be overlooked. If you use your hot water system carefully, it can perform without any lag for many years! Schedule a timely checkup and maintenance of your hot water system to identify any defect or fault in it and get it fixed immediately before it becomes a major issue. However, you can consider consulting a professional before installing a hot water service system in your house. A professional will help you choose the best system for your household needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an expert and know your options.

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