Is Your Self Storage Unit A Craft Haven? Checkout These Organisation Tips

If you have all your craft supplies in your self storage unit these tips can help you maintain great organisation and maintenance for better overall use of your space. 

Crafting is an incredibly popular hobby, but it does involve a lot of items that need to be stored somewhere. 

Using a cheap self storage space to store craft supplies is a really clever thing to do. Craft supplies can take up a lot of space at home, which can be a problem if you aren’t flush for extra square footage. Storing your crafty things inside a cheap self storage unit means you not only save yourself precious space at home, but you also have a dedicated craft space. This means you can craft in your own time, free from disturbance if you want to. You also have the peace of mind that your things are going to be protected from theft, human damage (from other household members), smells and scents in the home, weather damage and climate damage. 

Storing your crafty items in cheap self storage is great, but it can be improved if you switch a few things around. Crafters tend to be quite meticulous as well as creative, so the chances are you do already have great organisation going on. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though. Let’s take a look at some handy tips to help you boost your crafty storage units organisation and functionality: 


It can be hard as a crafter to declutter, especially when you know you have picked out all your precious bits and pieces, and loved them all once upon a time. However, there is always room to declutter any space, including your self storage unit. Consider decluttering the following:

  • Unfinished craft projects you know you will never continue 
  • Broken tools or materials
  • Materials you haven’t used in years
  • Tools you have many duplicates of
  • Projects you completed, but never really liked

By recycling, selling or donating your unwanted crafty items you can create more space in your unit for new crafts, or even downsize your unit to save money. 

Create A System

Having items stored in boxes and bags is great, but only if you can get to everything easily. If you can’t, you need a new system. You could colour code, group by craft type, or alphabetise – whatever works for you. The fact is that having a system means your crafting life will be so much easier because you can get your hands on your stuff quickly, and so, get crafting quicker. 

Add Some Comfort

One thing that can make a crafty storage unit more functional is a place for you to craft. A table and a chair, maybe a place for your flask and snacks. A blanket, cushion, light – whatever you need to be able to do a bit of crafting in the unit could be a great way to get more out of the space. 

Move Storage Units If You Need To

If you find you have problems like mould, cold or bad customer service at your current self storage facility, now could be a good time to move. There are many fantastic cheap self storage facilities offering great security, climate control, customer service, cleanliness and additional services. For a craft lover like you, you deserve to be able to store your beloved supplies in the best possible storage environment. 

Label, Label, Label

Crafters need to label items in their affordable self storage unit more than other self storage users. This is because there are lots of little things that might need quick access. The key to being able to access those things is labelling. You cannot label enough as a crafter. Every packet, every box, every envelope – label it all. Use colour codes, worded sticky labels, cartoon stickers and string labels. Whatever works for you. You could even have fun crafting your own cute labels for your own craft supplies… 

With the tips above you can enjoy your cost-effective self storage unit even more, getting the most out of your craft supplies and the place you’re storing them in. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying whiling away the hours making great things, in a well organised space surrounded by all the supplies you’ve so carefully picked out and selected. 

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