List Of Anniversary Flowers According To Year

When it comes to flowers, it is never really hard to find the best flowers to give to your lover. But, each flower conveys a different meaning. And each colour of the flowers has a different significance. Instead of giving a flower without any knowledge about what it signifies, you must understand the right flower that you should gift your loved one. Especially for anniversaries, there is a list of flowers that you must give on each anniversary.

Here is a list of flowers that signify the different years of your marriage. You can now order and send flowers jaipur accordingly –

1st Anniversary – Carnations are the best flowers for the first anniversary because they represent lasting ties of commitment and joy for the years to come.

2nd Anniversary – lily of the valley are the right choice for the second anniversary because they signify the purity and devotion of your relationship with each other.

3rd Anniversary – give sunflowers for your third anniversary because they represent the strength and warmth in your relationship. It also indicates the loyalty and fidelity with which you both are living together.

4th Anniversary – give Hydrangea for your 4th anniversary which indicates your gratefulness and appreciation.

5th Anniversary – a daisy is the best choke for the 5th year because it represents innocence and gentleness.

6th Anniversary – buy some Calla lilies for your partner as they represent beauty of love and wisdom.

7th Anniversary- chooses Freesia for your 7th year which signifies the trust and faithfulness in your relationship.

8th Anniversary – lilacs show the sweetness of the love that you have for each other.

9th Anniversary – the bird of paradise is the best flower that you can give on your 9th as it symbolises magnificence and finery of your love.

10th Anniversary – a bouquet of yellow daffodils is the best gift on the 10th anniversary that reminds you of the simple pleasures you both share.

11th Anniversary – a tulip is a sign of the deep passion that you have on your partner.

12th Anniversary – a peony is for the fortune of a happy marriage.

13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemum is for the abundance of love in your relationship.

14th Anniversary – to convey pure affection and mature charm, gift a bunch of orchids for the 14th anniversary.

15th Anniversary – roses can make your 15th anniversary even more special.

20th Anniversary – asters are ideal for the 20th as they symbolise wisdom and good fortune.

25th Anniversary – choose iris for the 25th anniversary, as it represents faith and promise of a long-lasting marriage.

30th anniversary – on your 30th anniversary, give lilies to your partner which expresses your pride and devotion towards your partner.

40th Anniversary – gladioli is for Vibrancy and remembrance.

50th Anniversary – yellow roses for humility and faith.

No anniversary celebration is complete without giving your partner a bouquet of flowers. This time, understand what flower you must gift and surprise your partner. Whether it is your very first anniversary or a decade of marital bliss, let the flowers from the online flower bouquet delivery in jaipur add grace to your day.

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