Great Places To Plan A UK Break With Your Elderly Loved One

One way to deal with the winter blues is to start planning a holiday! Making arrangements for the perfect holiday takes time and it provides an ideal opportunity for discussion with your elderly loved one. Families with elderly relatives may worry about taking their loved ones on holiday, either because of their care needs or the appropriateness of the destination for circumstances such as wheelchair accessible locations or accommodation which is on one floor. However with careful research and planning, a holiday is a great way for everyone to relax and make more memories. 

According to the Better at Home report, 1 in 4 people feel guilty for not seeing elderly relatives more than they already do. A holiday can help people with elderly loved ones reconnect and spend quality time together. For those with older people who have a live in/home carer, a holiday doesn’t mean the support ends, everyone can feel confident that care and support needs will be taken care of by having the live in carer come along on the holiday too. There is no need to go abroad to have a fantastic time, the UK has some amazing places to take elderly relatives that have plenty to see and do. 


If you want to surround yourself with sun, sea and sand, look no further than Devon. It has the perfect mix of beaches and attractions, so that everyone can do as much or as little as they want. Devon is home to some of the most picturesque and historic houses and gardens, so if your elderly loved one likes to reminisce and get immersed in stories of the past, you won’t be short of places to visit. Buckland Abbey, Exeter Cathedral and Powderham castle are popular visitor attractions.  If national parks and botanical garden are preferred, Devon has plenty of these too – Bicton Park Botanical Gardens, and Greenway are places you may want to consider on your itinerary. 


Belfast has some of the UKs top accessible visitor attractions which is reassuring if you have loved ones with disability needs. Take in a Black Taxi tour and get a whistle stop tour of all that Belast has to offer with running commentary from the knowledgeable and friendly drivers. The tour can give you a good idea of where you may want to spend a bit more time, later in the holiday – the Giants Causeway, a national heritage site at Portrush is a must. A visit to Belfast wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Titanic exhibition on Queens Road, which is only a short distance from the Harland Wolff shipyard where it was built.


Ideal for a holiday with a relaxed pace, Cambridge offers its visitors an eclectic mix of activities to pass the time with. The city’s most famous landmark has to be the Kings College Chapel which stands proudly in the centre. Other places of interest include The Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettles Yard and the Botanic Gardens. Of course you could just spend the day, having a leisurely stroll through the quaint streets and take in the atmosphere. 

Lake District

If you’re looking for unrivalled beauty with landscapes to dream about, the UK’s largest National Park is the holiday destination for you. There are plenty of villages to stop and enjoy a brew and cake whilst you’re walking. You may choose to take in one of the many walking tours if you’re interested in learning more about the park and its history. 

Going on holiday can seem like an unsurmountable option for some older people, and as research by the Live In Care Hub ( has found, a staggering 37% of people in a care home don’t ever leave. With live in care, going on holiday couldn’t be easier as the carer comes too, giving everyone peace of mind.

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