Is It Possible To Colour Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Stretch marks, an itchy belly and swollen ankles are an integral part of pregnancy which you cannot avoid. When I was pregnant, I went to highlight my hair with a dye. At that point of time with my informed source of Google and my trusted hairdresser coloured my hair. Now looking back, I consider whether it was a wise move or not.

Is dry hair and breast feeding a safe option? Breastfeeding along with pregnancy is crucial times for a mother and does possess some potential health risks. Many beauty or personal care products are known to contain chemicals which can be harmful to your baby and hair dye is no stranger to that.

Be informed

It is better to be informed on what is safe and what is not. It helps you to create the safest environment for your child to grow and survive. Be informed about every form of health risks which can have an impact on your child. It is great if you can do a research on your part, but it is also important to seek an expert opinion from your doctor in this regard.

There is no form of scientific research to point out that the use of hair colour products is recommended during breastfeeding. When it comes to hair treatment products, they go on to contain a wide range of chemicals, which is bound to have negative effects if the level of exposure is on the higher side. Now the question is if I dye my hair if breastfeeding, will it have an impact on the baby.

Go ahead

There is not stopping as it is clear that colouring your hair during pregnancy along with breastfeeding is safe. No one is so much in contact with the chemicals of the hair that it can lead to serious health complications. Along with it the chemicals present in the dye is not bound to enter the milk supply, and in the process, will not pass on to your baby.

If you are a first-time mom it is an emotional or mental drain. You deserve a new touch or look up, so treating yourself to a new colour of dye is a worthy proposition. As you are bound to become busier as the child grows, you can ask your stylist to simplify the colour, or opt for a hairstyle which has a low maintenance.

If you still feel that the hair dye is going to cause harm to your baby, there are some things which you can undertake at your end to make it safer. Say for example you could go on to use an all-natural dye in the form of henna that could have highlights or lowlights, which is going to use less amount of chemicals than a full dye job. In case if you are planning to dye at your home, you can go on to adopt ammonia free formula and do not dye the hair till the baby is the same room.

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