How To Add Drama Into A Bathroom

It’s not easy to add drama to a bathroom, especially if space is at the premium. If you are not careful, a dramatic décor element can overpower your small bathroom and make it feel boxed in. Even in the case of a bigger bathroom, a beautiful fixture or decoration can look out of place if you can’t set it correctly. Check out six proper ways of adding some spice to your bathroom.

Beadboard in a Rich Tone 

Beadboard wainscoting in a rich color can add the perfect amount of drama in a clean and contemporary bathroom. Most people think of the word ‘dramatic’ as something eye-catching with bold colors or sizzling patterns. But, you can create drama with drop dead simple lines and minimal decoration.

Use beadboard paneling in a small area of the bathroom and paint it with warm brown or rich amber tones. You can keep a few other furniture pieces in the same color so that the neutral backdrop highlights the warm tones.

Create a Gallery Wall 

The idea of creating a gallery wall is one of the favorite tricks of interior designers. And, it won’t take more than a couple of hours of a weekend to drop some drama into your bathroom décor! You can use artwork or bring a fresh flavor by using small posters or accessories such as starfishes or large oyster shells. However, remember to lay all the pieces out on the floor first to figure out the best way to display them on the wall space.

To make the arrangement more dramatic, arrange the artwork all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

Black Fixtures for a Bold Impact 

Hints of black color will make a statement in a bathroom. Using the color is a bold choice, but a limited use in a white or neutral backdrop will appear quite subtle.

If your bathroom is mostly white, you can apply the black color on the faucets, one or two wall fixtures, and the exterior of your freestanding bathtub. Whether the place is contemporary or traditional, the right dose of black will inject a smart, graphic look and give your bathroom and edgy feel.

A Claw Foot Bathtub 

Vintage claw foot bathtubs allow for a more relaxing bath than the contemporary built-in ones. However, they are also more fashionable and can bring a sophisticated drama into your bathroom.

A rolled-edge claw-foot bathtub is a timeless luxury, and you can coordinate its classic look with a patterned wallpaper and marble-topped vanity. However, you can also paint the tub to make a focal point and add more drama into the place. You can choose any color from navy blue to candy apple red as long as it looks harmonious to the rest of the color scheme. 

Exotic Sink 

A basin that features an exotic design or is made of a unique material can bring the ‘wow’ factor into the bathroom. For example, a mother-of-pearl bowl can draw all the attention in a traditional bathroom. You can complement the exotic look of the basin with marble-topped vanity, crystal knobs in the faucets, and an ornamental frame to the vanity mirror.

You can also go for a patterned sink to uplift the ambiance of your monotonous bathroom. Enhance the place’s color story by choosing the basin in a pattern that features a mix of the bathroom’s primary color with other different shades. 

Add a Small Pattern 

Adding patterns is a proven way to make a place look visually appealing. You can install a marble or mosaic geometric pattern in a small area in your bathroom to make the place look attractive without being overwhelming. However, if budget is a problem, opt for a wallpaper or a hand-stamped design. They will look equally good without demanding you to break your bank!

There are numerous ways to add drama to your bathroom. You can also choose to install colorful tiles or natural stones to make a dramatic focal wall. However, the ideas mentioned above will cost relatively less, and you can apply a few of them by using your DIY skill!

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