Lower the Cost of Your Young Driver Insurance

For the younger driver the cost of young driver insurance can be a massive expenditure which they can ill afford at the beginning of their working career. For a large number of young drivers, the cost of their insurance can even be higher than the cost of the car they are driving and this is obviously not a great situation to be in. Luckily, here at Lionheart Insurance, we have made it possible for young drivers to pay less for their young driver insurance, allowing them to spend their money on more important things in the process.


One of the measures we have taken to help young drivers lower their premiums is to offer an iKube policy. This can dramatically lower the cost of young driver insurance because a black box is fitted into the driver’s car which will tell the insurers at which times you have been driving. If you do not drive between 11pmand 5am, then you will not have to pay as much as you will be decreasing your risk.

If you are someone who will only be driving at limited times, then you really could save a fortune with this.

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