Mechanical Equipment Used For Lifting Heavy Material

Any machinery required for  is known as Lifting Equipment. Lifting equipment includes any tool or machinery used for lifting or lowering Heavy Material.

Mechanical equipment varies in configuration from the man lift category, where machines are used to elevate workers, providing eminent platforms from which they can work to forklifts, and various cranes to specialized lifting equipment such as pipe layers.

Lift radius, wind speed, machine capacity at a given radius, and ground conditions have to be taken into consideration while hoisting and lifting.

Container Handler

Container handlers are able to transport a container in short distances rapidly and pile them in various rows depending on its access and this is considered as one of the heavy mechanical lifting equipment by which we can handle heavy containers.

Boom Truck

Trucks with cranes mounted on them are known as boom trucks. The crane enables loading and unloading of materials to and from the boom truck. Outriggers are used to level the crane for hoisting and extend horizontally and vertically.


Cranes are usually equipped with wire ropes, sheaves and hoists. Their general use is to move heavy material and to lift and lower them. Different types of cranes in construction are:

Telescopic crane

A number of tubes fitted one inside the other constitute the boom of a telescopic crane. The total length of the boom increases/decreases when the tubes extend and retract with the help of hydraulics. These truck mounted booms are very adaptable and are used for construction projects of short term.

Mobile crane

A mobile crane is mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carriers. The whole procedure is controlled by cables. The boom is similar to that of a telescopic crane. They require very little setup and can be easily transported to a construction site.

Tower crane

A balance crane consisting of the same basic parts. A concrete slab makes sure it stays on ground. Tower cranes have a high lifting capacity because of their height. They owe their height to base being attached to the mast. The mast is attached to the gear and motor, allowing the crane to rotate.

All terrain cranes

All terrain cranes can travel at speed on public roads as well as off-road. They are mounted on a truck and essentially equipped.

Crawler crane

With the help of some crawlers, it is mounted on an undercarriage. Almost no set-up is required for it. It is hard to move them to different job sites as they are very heavy. On a positive note, they can travel with heavy loads.

Fork Lift

A fork lift truck is a powered industrial truck which is available with hydraulic lift system and forks to pick up and transport the picked materials. Their power source can be diesel, propane, electric battery or gasoline. Its functionality is increased by different attachments.


A telehandler is like a crane with the appearance and functionality of a forklift.It has a single telescopic boom like a telescopic crane. It can extend upward and forward. This heavy mechanical lifting equipment is used for construction purpose. Several attachments like a bucket, muck grab, winch, or pallet forks can be fit on the end of the boom to increase functionality.

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