OCBC Wealth Solutions – Deposits & Investments

Many people are looking for ways to invest their money. In Malaysia, when you talk about investment and savings, OCBC Personal Banking is one of the best choices. It is important that you know how to save your money efficiently not only for your future but for the future of your family and your business as well.

OCBC or Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited is one of the best publicly financial listed financial services organizations mainly based in Singapore. This is the second largest bank in Southeast Asia. They currently have different kinds of Wealth Solutions to choose from for you to successfully save and invest your money.


You can take care of your wealth with OCBC and take advantage of their preferential rates. Every person has different saving needs. No matter what your saving goals are, OCBC will help you achieve them with their different Premier deposit products. You can be a Premier Banking customer if you deposit or invest RM300,000 or more with OCBC.

  • Premier Account. This is an exclusive account for Premier Banking members who pay interest and balances and offers the flexibility of a current account at the same time.
  • Premier Save Account. This offers amazing interest rates without locking your funds. This means that you will have a full access to your money anytime you need it. You can enjoy their interest rates that are as high as 1-month fixed deposit board rates if you have a balance of RM200,000. This does not apply any withdrawal penalty, not fixed tenure, and no daily accrued interest.
  • Foreign Currency Account. If you have Australian, Kiwi, Singaporean, or American dollars, you can keep your savings in your own currency with OCBC foreign currency products.


OCBC has a range of investment options that you can choose from. You can speak with them and discuss your financial needs and they will find a way to help you. You will be able to discover different option to meet your investment goals.

  • Dual Currency Investment. Because of the ongoing changes in the currency market, this opens new investment opportunities. The OCBC currency-linked Dual Currency Investment will allow you to capitalize on different opportunities to gain huge returns.
  • Unit Trusts. You can now have an access to a broader range of units from fund houses. OCBC has over 100 unit trusts available for you. You can freely choose the right unit trust fund that you need.
  • Retail Bonds. Do you want a fixed income investment? Then Retail Bonds is the best option for you. OCBC offers and distributes bonds that are denominated in MYR or in foreign exchange.
  • Structured Investments. You can gain more returns on structured investments. This can be customized to suit your needs. This can be the main guarantee with different asset classes.

If you are looking for ways to earn more, you can learn about wealth management Malaysia with OCBC. They have different options for you. Aside from Deposits and Investments, they also offer Insurance, Financing, and also Phone and Facsimile Banking.

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