Pros And Cons Of Handmade And Printed Kurtis

Kurtis became an important fashion statement during the transition from old styles to new styles. A Kurti and Jeans is the staple dress for all girls making the change from the classic fashion to the modern trend. However, today, Kurti is not only recognized as a “link” but a full-on fashion statement with brands fighting to create their own innovative designs based on Kurtis. The simple elegance and sobriety of the Kurti have made it a favorite with not only Indian but international fashionistas as well. There are numerous online Kurti designs on online fashion websites such as GoFynd. from which customers can quickly select the one they like and get them delivered at their home.

However, whether to buy printed or handmade Kurtis has always been a matter of debate amongst fashion conscious customers due to the versatility offered by both. There are pros and cons to both of them. Listed below are some of them:

  • Price

Price is one of the most critical factors to be considered while deciding to buy a handmade or printed Kurti. Prices of Kurti with handiwork are naturally higher than printed ones. This is mainly because the handmade versions are unique in nature and need more effort to prepare. Each design is different from the other, and there is only one of each design. Therefore, each handmade design is priced higher as it takes a lot of time to prepare. However, the printed ones are manufactured in big lots. Many Kurtis has the same design, and thus the price is low due to not being unique. If you are willing to spend a lot of money in getting a one-of-a-kind Kurti, then go ahead and buy a handmade one. However, if you want to save your money and have no qualms wearing a standard design, then opt for the printed ones.

  • Uniqueness

It goes without saying that the handmade kurtis are unique in nature and need more effort to prepare. Each design is different from the other, and there is only one of each design. The handmade designs are stitched by workers by hand and therefore are all unique in their own way. Handmade kurtis take a lot of time to prepare, and each Kurti is different from others. However, the printed ones are manufactured in lots. Many Kurtis has the same design and is not unique. It is not that these Kurtis are not pretty, but it is just that there are many Kurtis available in the market with the same design and you may not get the unique look that you desire.

  • Maintenance

Kurtis with handmade embroideries requires a lot of effort for their upkeep. These Kurtis are very delicate, and therefore the washing process is really complicated. You must wash them with great care so that the embroidery and the fabric are not damaged. On the other hand, the printed Kurtis do not need a lot of attention and can just be tossed in the washing machine for a quick wash, nothing else needs to be done.

  • Availability

Kurtis with handmade embroidery is a little harder to find as compared to the printed ones.  Not many stores keep a lot of designs of handmade kurtis as they are a little expensive, but you can easily buy handmade Kurti online from any of the numerous fashion sites. Printed Kurtis are easy to find at any retail store near your home, and you can purchase printed kurti online also.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to buy a hand-embroidered kurti or a printed one. Both of them will offer you the same unique fusion of modern and classical fashion.

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