Providing Ultimate Security To Your Android Phone

If you do not want your Android phone to fall prey to snoopers and want to have peace of mind, forgetting about the worries of anybody else prying their eyes on your phone history, here comes an app known as Leo privacy applock, which is available for download from Google Play as well as from other sites.

Designed to provide ultimate privacy protection to your Android phone, this app is packed with unique features that include innovative and stunning designing, effective app management, shortcuts and much more. With this app, you will need just a click for locking all your apps and you can switch seamlessly for changing multiple modes. Privacy alerts will keep you updated on the safety of your phone, and all your SMS, call logs, videos and private pics will be protected from being snooped. There are many options you will get to mask and cover your apps as well as guard your phone, and what is unique is that you can uninstall apps that are unwanted and have backup for those which are important. This app will let you have control over usage of battery and keeping data plan for accessing whenever required. You will have everything within your reach, such as using short cuts for swiping to all apps and much more. Innovatively designed, this app has features that will allow your lock screen to be decorated with stylish themes. The user interface has a new design and is intuitive, handy and simple to use.

What are new to this app include a software package that is compact, and eliminates complicated procedures and thus presenting you with a software that is handiest. Moreover, by optimizing the unlocking interface, you can hide the synchronization of unlocking and thus have your phone well protected. You will have a unique visual experience with smoother animation and improved sensitive interface, when optimizing the Interface Rendering. A wide range of themes is available, from which you can choose for your Android unlocking screen. These include Cartoon Football Star, Supernatural, Balloon, Cute Minions, Paris, Moonlight, Lamborghini, Lavender, Cowboy and many others which are recommended for your Android phone. The Leo privacy applock is a unique privacy guard for your Android phone that will allow you to lock your secrets in different ways like using PIN, Touch ID and Dot lock, and will let you understand the status of your privacy and protect personal information in a more secure way. Cover up the exquisite snapshots you have taken without anybody finding a trace, while you can recollect those precious moments that are frozen, when you unlock at your own convenience.

Other salient features that make this app unique and innovative include options for monitoring the condition of your battery and usage of data, a safe vault for lengthy login information and cards numbers, and safe scanning barcodes of all types and QR codes. You have options to download from various sites while searching the internet. At last, your worries of protecting your Android phone is over. For more information 

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