Recarpeting Your Home? Don’t Start Without Reading These 10 Tips

Follow these essential tips to ensure this expensive job is as cost-effective as possible, leaving you with a beautifully carpeted home at the lowest possible price.

Carpeting your home is an expensive job, so it pays to do your research and get it done right. If you’re about to complete your home renovation with luxurious carpets throughout, take a look at these ten tips to ensure you get the job done right:

Where is it for?

You need to be sure you know where the job is for so that you can budget and plan. Do you really need carpets in every room? The bathroom and kitchen are usually never carpeted, but what about the living room and front room? Wooden floors can be easy-clean and durable, ideal for homes with pets. You can easily pop a rug down to make them cosier too. Carpeting less spaces cuts your costs down, giving you more money for better carpets upstairs.


You should budget for your carpet so you know which level of luxury you can have when you go and have a look at what is available. On average, a three bedroom house will cost around £1000 for the stairs and three rooms for a budget low cost carpet, but it depends on the dimensions of the house and the expense of the carpet you choose.

Choose somewhere local

People make the mistake of thinking the bigger carpet shops are cheaper as they can get wholesale prices. This isn’t the case as smaller shops have less overheads so they can compete, sometimes by a few hundred pounds.

Do you need all the trimmings?

The company you choose will try to upsell you all the trimmings like grippers and luxury underlay, but you don’t always need them so do check.

Which colour is best?

Do think carefully about the colour as too dark can look dusty and be just as hard to keep clean as very light carpets. You also want a colour that will stay on trend for at least a few years moving forward.

Clear all the rooms first

Do make sure you clear all the rooms you are having carpeted first because uncleared rooms may render your carpet fitting day unable to go ahead and you might get charged for this. Cheap self storage (for example, is a cost-effective way to store an entire homes worth of items whilst you have work done.

Consider carpets on sale

Sometimes there are carpets on sale that might not be the exact colour you want but they could be better quality at a sale price. Perhaps you could make compromises on colour for better quality?

Find out exactly what the warranty covers

Warranty is different depending on where you buy your carpet. Some warranties will say ‘stain guarantee’ but it only covers certain stains and certain cleaning attempt types.

Check fitting ASAP

Some places will only come and check fitting if you come back to them two weeks after the fitting date so do check that with them when you have the fitting done.

Shop around

Do shop around because most places will do what they can to get your business, and it isn’t a small amount of money you are paying so you owe it to yourself to get the best deal.

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