Slab Leak May Not Be Covered By Homeowners Insurance

As most homeowners will be aware, there are always jobs to be done and most of these crop up when they’re least welcome. Problems such as electrical remodeling, electrical faults and structural problems are a nightmare when they happen but many homeowners have the peace of mind of knowing that their homeowners insurance is there to help with the cost of repair or replacement.

However, there are other problems, such as slab leak which may not be covered by insurance. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover sudden problems or those which could not be detected in advance. However, a problem such as slab leak has a number of warning signs, such as high water bills and wet spots which could point to a problem before it actually becomes problematic – and many insurance companies will refuse to make payment for damage or repair if these concerns were ignored.

Of course, every insurance policy is completely different and will depend on the provider in question and their own terms and conditions.

There are a number of things which homeowners can do to ensure that their claim for slab leak is more likely to be accepted. Using Houston slab leak detection to trace the source of the problem and finding that it is a pipe covered by a warranty for example is a good basis for a claim. Leaks which are a result of adverse weather are also unlikely to be punished by an insurance company. However, ignoring a problem or failing to investigate a fault is unlikely to lead to an insurance payout.

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