The Things You Need To Know About Mite Guard

It can seem daunting at first when you need to hunt for the right protection against dust mites, that is why you will be glad to know all about the latest weapon, Mite Guard. How this product differentiates itself from the competition is simply by being made of some of the most high quality material that can be found in the market.

It is known to have a wide variety of special features, all of which are designed specifically to guard you against dust mites, that is why Mite Guard is gaining lots of popularity in the market lately. First and foremost, Mite Guard has protective covers which will actually enclosed the entire mattress and seal it off. You need not worry even if you are using a doona or pillows as the Mite Guard actually comes with covers for all of them as well.

In case you were wondering, Mite Guard is recommended for those who are constantly suffering from breathing or asthma problems as most of the time, these symptoms occur when the filth left behind by dust mites actually gets breathed into the lungs and thus causing all manner of problems. Mite Guard is actually designed by manufacturers with the sole purpose of alleviating these symptoms for its customers.

The secret behind its effectiveness lies in how it is manufactured, it is created using a micron dust filter membrane that is also sandwiched between extra layers of sheets what are made out of polypropylene fabric. However you need not worry about allowing your body to ‘breathe’ at night as Mite Guard still has pores that allow for moisture to seep through but the holes are small enough  so that the dust mites and other dust particles cannot pass through the membrane.

To be precise, the pore size is actually only 6.1 microns small and the Mite Guard actually comes with a long zipper for easy fit. It is suitable to be fixed to any type of bed linen of your choice so that means you get to use your favorite linens while being under the protection of Mite Guard! You will also be very happy to know that the product is stain resistant so you need not worry about dirtying them too much nor do they get dirty easily.

Last but not least, the Mite Guard is a proud product of Australia which is a country known to produce some of the best quality items so this is definitely a good indicator that Mite Guard is the best choice for you.

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