UK Parents Set To Spend Big On Gadgets This Christmas

The festive season is rapidly approaching and many parents across the UK are putting their minds towards the gifts they will buy for their children. Gadgets tend to be top of youngsters’ Christmas lists these days. There are so many devices on offer, from games consoles to mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Highlighting the pressures that parents will face over the festive period, figures produced by uSwitch Tech indicate that mums and dads will spend a combined total of around £3 billion on gadgets for their children in the run-up to December 25th.

A study conducted by the organisation found that more than eight in ten parents will spend £243 on electronic gadgets for their kids. Meanwhile, 16 per cent will spend £400 or more on these devices.

Tablets are the most sought after electronic gifts this Christmas, with 24 per cent of parents set to shell out for one of these products. Video games took the second spot, with 17 per cent of mums and dads saying they will invest in these gadgets for their youngsters. Digital cameras, e-readers and smartwatches were also popular choices.

Commenting on the findings, telecoms expert at Ernest Doku said: “Many families are preparing for a tech-tastic Christmas this year, with many kids demanding the latest gadgets whatever their age. For many this will mean that the pressure is on to juggle Christmas wish lists with household budgets.

“However, despite some tablets costing upwards of £350, the advent of many cheaper versions – from high street retailers Argos and Tesco, as well as Google’s bargain priced Nexus tablet – may be the solution for parents looking to keep both their kids and their bank managers happy.”

Mr Doku added: “Any parent worried about keeping the cost of Christmas gifts down should make sure they get the best deal, and perhaps think outside of the big names. Many of the bargain priced smartphones and tablets are actually still relatively high spec.”

Offering further advice, he suggested that anyone buying a mobile contract should keep an eye on ongoing costs and should consider placing a cap on bills or going for a pay-as-you-go deal that will enable them to track their children’s mobile spend.

As well as seeking out bargain products, mums and dads can ease the financial pressures associated with the festive season by making the most of laptop trade in the UK. This is a quick and simple way of generating money that can then be put towards presents. It also helps to get rid of old and unused devices that would otherwise create clutter in homes.

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