Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

If you’re a traveler and love exploring new places, there’s nothing better than long weekends. It’s the perfect opportunity to pack your bags and get going. Weekend getaways have become popular over the years because of how convenient it is to pack in a few adventures into a span of just a few days. Especially with the time constraint, it actually gives you the opportunity to explore nearby cities and places that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

If you live in the hustle and bustle of the city of Ahmedabad, a weekend getaway would be a great option to just unwind and relax from all that work stress and everyday routine. Here are 3 perfect options for you to choose from:


Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, is located approximately 23 km from Ahmedabad. This beautiful city is divided into 30 different sectors, with each having modern facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping areas and colorful marketplaces. The city is brimming with cultural richness, ethnic vibrancy and a spiritual positivity in the air.

In addition to important government institutes, the capital is also home to beautiful temples such as Mahatma Mandir, Askharhdham Temple, Sabarmati Ashram and SaritaUdyan. Folk dances like Garba and Raas are also performed during organized carnivals, known colloquially as ‘melas’.

So, if you’re looking for a culturally rich experience, this is a good option to consider. One can easily hire an Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar taxi to get there.


Situated in the district of Jamnagar, Dwarka is a spiritual place that is rife with religious significance and is considered to be one of the holiest cities in the country. Lord Krishna is believed to have established his great empire here, which is why many devotees flock to the city to seek atonement and spiritual fulfilment.

One of the major attractions here is Dwarkadish Temple, which is a 2000 year old temple where Lord Krishna is worshipped as the king of Dwarka.

Not just its unparalleled architectural spots and gorgeous temples, Dwarka is also known for its serene beaches and sumptuous vegetarian food.

One can conveniently hire an Ahmedabad to Dwarka taxi as it is roughly 379 km from Ahmedabad, making it a brilliant road trip!


The mysterious city of Bhavnagar is the fifth largest in Gujarat and was founded way back in 1723 AD by BhavsinhjiGohil. This region is home to about 863 beautiful temples and opulent palaces. Two of the prominent palaces are MangalsinhjiMahal Palace and the palace of Nilambag.

The vibrant and spiritual culture caters equally to both pilgrims and tourists, offering them an experience that is replete with both holy sites and modern conveniences.

Bhavnagar is roughly 168 km away from Ahmedabad and one can easily book taxi in Ahmedabad to reach here in a short amount of time.

Thanks to reliable taxi services, travelling over shorter distances has become an easy affair, even if one doesn’t have their own vehicle. Weekend getaways can now be planned without too many travel hassles to consider. So pack your bags and feed the adventure-hungry spirit in you!

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