What Are AC’s? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using AC?

What do you understand by the term AC?

  • AC is also known by the name of Air Conditioners. Air Conditioners are the machines used by the people to feel cool in the hot and humid weather in summers.
  • These are the Air coolers that make the air cold in the room by venting out all the hot air out. The hot air during summers creates moisture in the air.
  • Therefore, this moisture is thrown out by the AC and thus make the room cool and perfect for survival in winters.

There are so many different types of air conditioners used by the people. Nowadays, Split AC’s are used by people on a large scale because of their features.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AC?

Everything has some good effects as well as bad effects. So, there are so many advantages and disadvantages of using AC. Some of the positive and negative points are mentioned below as follows:


  • Helps in making the air cool: Air conditioners are the machines for making air cool during hot weather. These are the best type of machines that help people to enjoy the cold atmosphere in summers. The cool air of AC helps people in surviving properly in hot summers.
  • Helps to vent the moisture out and making the atmosphere free from impurities: Air conditioners help people to remove all the moisture out by sucking it. Therefore, when the Ac vent the moisture out it further helps in making the atmosphere pure.

When you switch on your AC at home or any place, you have to shut down everything. At that time, there are fewer chances of inhaling bad air. The atmosphere becomes pure when you use AC. These are some of the advantages of Air Conditioners.


  • Can sometimes cause Airborne diseases: There are so many Air Conditioners that work with the help of water. If the people are not maintaining their AC’s properly then the dust and impurities get stuck to the surface. Then this dust is passed to people when AC is switched on. Therefore, this type of things sometimes causes Airborne diseases that’s why people should give their AC for regular servicing. There are so many ac specialist services that will help you in proper and good maintenance of AC.
  • Low humidity: When you switch on your AC, the mechanism of throwing hot air and humidity starts. While venting the humidity out the room gets filled with dry air. This dry air in the room will cause so many problems for the person. This dry air can lead to problems in breathing, congestion, blockage of nasal passages. These are some of the disadvantages of using AC in hot and humid weather.

People should regularly service AC to get rid of so many problems that are caused due to Air Conditioners. These above-mentioned are the things that people should know.

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