5 Incredible Features Provided By Guard Management Software

Protection of assets, in any form, whether human, fixed, or working is the foremost concern of society for ages. As they are always worried if the things they adore or have a monetary value are safe from any kinds of threats and will yield good outcomes to them. As it is well known, need is the mother of invention, as humans seek safety, security guard management software has been developed to fulfill this purpose. Numerous software prevail in the market providing a wide range of facilities to make security guard’s work convenient and quick to be noticed by top-notch management. 

Services provided by security management software: –

1) Tracks Guard Tours: –The software enables the client to get a live report about the movements of guards from one floor to another, about each nook and corner of the premise. It also facilitates the reporting of issues like missed tours, excessive idle time, and unfinished tasks. 

In such circumstances, the manager can take action to resolve it by issuing warnings through emails or in the face-to-face interaction. The guard tracking software has an inbuilt GPS facility and Geo fencing technology. It enables managers and clients to obtain live reports in writing form or visual form.  

2) Hassle-Free Scheduling: – In the dashboard, the whole details of schedules is evident, which includes day and night shifts also. The security guard can himself select his shift in the open shift criteria and the manager can rearrange or keep the same schedules. 

Specific features are color codes and symbols representing duties in the form of a calendar. This whole process is an automated one. 

3) Human Resource Management: – The security officer software also contains services like record keeping, data entry,and appraisal of employees. The information regarding entry and exit from a particular place, number of tours, checkpoints attended forms the basis of salary making and provision of incentives.

However, it also helps to distinguish between a productive and idle employee. With the help of the report, the company can check working trends and compare them on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

4) Panic Alert: – The organization makes efforts to remove known risks as well as other man-made or natural hazards. It encompasses the negligence of guards, electrical problems, fire emergencies, earthquakes, heavy rains or thunderstorms, etc. 

Additionally, the panic alert feature is also available in case of any contingency. The guard has to click on a single button to trigger management quickly and thereby, mitigating risks and lowering the chances of losses owing to such conditions.

5) Visitor Reports: –Whenever any visitor enters the organization, the security guard will enter the details of the person, the entry will therefore be immediately notified to the manager with the pop-up notification service. 

And the cloud feature saves whole data, which is safe for any future use anytime, anywhere by client or manager.

It can be concluded that guard management software offers a plethora of advantages to the organization. Paperless facilities reduced manual work, quick orders and actions, and many more. The manager doesn’t need to visit every guard on duty as live reporting assures their presence at their respective places and hence, improves reliability as well. The application has a full lot of services to offer with a reasonable amount to charge, which makes it even more desirable.