The Changing Nature of Office Spaces

There are many different commercial premises for companies to rent. Whether they are looking for serviced offices or anything else, managers can head online to find the best solutions for their firms.

As well as thinking about issues such as location, size and cost, bosses must also take into account the overall look and feel of the premises available. It’s important that they choose an office that fits their general ethos.

Office design trends are changing and one firm leading the way when it comes to working environments is cloud technology specialist Citrix. Specification Online recently noted that the firm has designed its new offices in Paris as a live showcase for the workplace of the future.

With the aid of office design, refurbishment and fit-out company Area Sq, it has created an office that mirrors the principles of a village town centre. The premises feature a town hall, ‘bus stop’ snug areas, a ‘business district’ for product demonstrations, a library, a playground and a village green.

Citrix believes that organisations will have to redesign their offices to be more appealing, with the workplace of the future needing to foster creativity, inspire and encourage collaboration.

It based its offices on the ‘workAnywherephilosophy, meaning people can perform their tasks wherever, whenever and on whatever device.

Thankfully, there are lots of different offices for firms to choose from these days and those that don’t want the hassle and expense of creating their own from scratch can make use of high-quality business centres.

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