Custom Challenge Coins – History, Benefits And Significance

Recent years have witnessed a great rise as regards demand and popularity of custom challenge coins. These significant pieces have become the preferred choice of a large numbers of the society that make its use to raise funds, honor prominent personalities and create awareness about significant issues amongst the people. People desirous of strengthening their relations, promote friendship and encourage progress and success generally make use of these coins. These pieces are quite popular amongst different units of defense services including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast guard and other paramilitary forces.

Brief history – All of you may be interested to know how these coins came into being. It was World War I when these coins were presented by a young lieutenant to his colleagues for commemorating their loyalty to the ongoing war efforts. One of the pilots from this unit faced the French soldiers and had to offer them challenge coins for sparing his life. It was this event that inspired other members of his unit to possess their military challenge coins with them whenever they were moving about.

Benefits of these coins – It may be noted that not only the defense services but the people at large now use these coins that are significant in many ways. Organizations associated with business, sports, education, universities, schools and other service class people now prefer to use these coins for various purposes. Candidly, these pieces are now used as efficient marketing tools for promoting various activities. Teamwork and camaraderie aspects are the unique benefits of these coins that have become the preferred choice of millions of people.

Candidly, exchange of these coins amongst different people goes a long way in enhancing the promotional activities. The business people usually use these coins for promoting their business while the same are used for promoting educational aspects as regards the schools or universities. Charity organizations use these coins to raise funds for various social welfare causes. Voluntarily organizations also utilize these coins to awaken the feelings of fraternity amongst the society.

Beneficiaries – Following categories of organizations get extremely benefited with custom challenge coins –

a.       Military units

b.      Scout Troops

c.       Church Groups

d.      Clubs

e.       Sports Teams

f.       Business entities

g.      Social groups

h.      Professional associations, fraternities and sororities

i.        ROTC Units of Commerce

j.        Board of Directors

k.      Volunteers

l.        Charitable organizations

m.     Educational Institutions

Why possess these coins – To be frank, these coins have become a passion amongst a large section of the society. People of all ages and both sexes love these coins. Many of them like to have a collection of such pieces that are shown to the public at significant events. Love for these coins amongst the people is expressed by them whenever anyone comes across such events. Possession of custom challenge coins fills the owners with feelings of pride and pleasure. It is not the financial worth or the shine of these coins that matters much, but their significance lies in their association with the various significant issues.

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