Why Firms can Never Neglect Dangerous Goods Packaging

Firms are often looking for ways to minimise cost, but there are certain issues they really cannot afford to neglect. For example, it is crucial that they do not cut corners when it comes to dangerous goods packaging.

If organisations do not pay sufficient attention to packaging, potentially serious accidents can occur. Meanwhile, businesses can also find themselves in legal difficulty as a result of such lapses.

Dangerous goods are defined as any articles or substances that pose a risk to people, property or the environment and they include anything from adhesives and paints to corrosives and infectious substances.

As well as being suited to the particular goods in question, any packaging must meet the requirements of the mode of transport used.

Meanwhile, it is also important for goods to be labelled correctly so that anyone who handles them knows exactly what they are dealing with.

To help meet all of these requirements, an array of packaging has been created, including inner, single, combination and thermal control solutions. Whether companies need stainless steel drums, shipping boxes or anything else, they shouldn’t struggle to get their hands on the items. As long as they choose the right provider, the process of ordering is quick and simple too.

However, despite the importance of appropriate packaging materials and the ease with which companies can now access these resources, research conducted by the Department for Transport and the UK Dangerous Goods Office suggests that a large number of organisations are in serious breach of the regulations.

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