Self-Builds Could Help You Avoid Housing Market Constraints

Despite the government’s pledge to help first time buyers get themselves on the property market, many experts still feel that the housing market faces serious constraints over the coming year. Whilst, there may be more people looking for homes with more people being offered mortgages, economic constraints will mean that new builds will remain somewhat stilted, whilst higher demand will result in higher prices for select homes.

As such, the constraints of the current market may affect everyone from first time buyers right through to those with multiple properties who look to generate income through rentals. However, those looking to move house who wish to find the perfect home in a very uncertain market, the best option will still be available: a self-build.

Not only will property prices remain far from the highs seen in 2007, no matter how well the market picks up, but constraints on demand will mean that finding the right property is simply not as easy as it once was.

As such, sourcing the right construction consultancy could allow individuals to see just how much they could save by building their own property, and in the process those looking for a new home could get the exact property they want for far less than they would pay for a generic property.

So, for those who want to move but are worried about the financial implications and the uncertainty within the current housing market, seeking advice from architects and quantity surveying consultants could lead homeowners to find that now is actually the perfect time to move.

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