Laynards in the Museum Sector

Museums are very important public spaces. Many museums in the UK are free, and so can experience high levels of footfall; people can just go in and out of museums, enjoying the free exhibits without having to purchase tickets. This does mean that security is a high priority, and sometimes a challenge.

Obviously, museums are repositories for many valuable objects. Often these valuable objects are priceless because they have such explicit historical significance. Therefore, museums employ lots of security features to protect their exhibits

It is common for printed lanyards to be used in the museum sector, usually to distinguish museum professionals from members of the public. The lanyard will be attached to a security card which professionals can use to gain access to areas behind the scenes, restricted to the public.

Using custom printed lanyards is also a very effective way to identify those who work in the museum, which means they are more approachable to members of the public. This is particularly useful when we’re talking about volunteers who have to engage with the public.

A lanyard can be bolstered in several different ways. For instance, you can get printed lanyards which carry the logo of the museum, which again makes them more recognisable to the general public. Because lanyards are worn around the neck it means that professionals and volunteers are able to get on with their jobs and to use their security cards without having to route through their pockets.

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