Dealing with Full Time Work and Graduate Jobs Applications

Unfortunately, other than a lucky few, most graduates do not have a job offer waiting for them on completion of their degree. Instead, most have to return home and support themselves with a temporary job whilst filling out endless online applications for graduate jobs.

Having spent three or four years living on a diet of beans on toast, suddenly having a little money is a very satisfying feeling. The problem is that settling into the routine of a job that was intended to be temporary can stifle efforts to apply for the type of job you really want to be doing.

Whether you are too tired at the end of a long day to commit the considerable amount of time and mental effort it takes to fill in application forms, or, with money in your pocket, you just don’t have the same desperate drive to secure a job, you may find yourself becoming lazy in your job search without realising it.

However, most will have to work to fund their job search and will need to find that all-important motivation to keep applying for the jobs they truly want. Motivating oneself to fill out application forms is all about making the process more fun. Writing covering letters is dull and tedious, so it is always worth trying something novel and fun like uploading a video CV as part of your application. What is more, showing potential employers your talents through the likes of a video resume could actually enhance your chances of securing a job as well as making the application process less monotonous for you.

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