What are the Advantages and Challenges of Modular Construction?

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that traditional bricks and mortar construction is gradually evolving to the point where modular construction is more common. But why can we make such a statement? Well, there are lots of benefits to modular construction:

Generally speaking there are various ways in which modular construction is more cost effect than traditional modes of construction. Modular construction costs are more or less guaranteed from the outset and there are huge savings in term of construction time – this can be hugely beneficial where there are time constraints or stringent budgets.

One of the perceived disadvantages of modular buildings is that they are often less aesthetic than other kinds of buildings. However, this is a bit of a misconception. These days, the aesthetics of modular buildings are very strong, able to replicate the superficial look of bricks and mortar.

One of the most obvious benefits with modular buildings is that they can be moved from location to another. In other words they are transportable. However, in order to transport modular buildings you’ll obviously need modular building transport, which is offered by some container transport companies.

With their expertise you will be able to relocate entire buildings from one site to another. This is ideal when you are working in temporary locations or if your circumstances suddenly change and you need to relocate to another site.

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