TheOneSpy Review – Employee Mobile Tracker App for Travelers and Transporters

The entrepreneurs around the world have been using different tools and tactics to keep their workers under surveillance. While some use surveillance cameras to monitor the workplace activities of the employees, some other use take human support to supervise the work progress. The latest technology has provided employers with employee monitoring software to monitor the activities performed on company owned computers and mobile phones. These software applications enable employers to supervise their workers activities from anywhere and anytime without any mediator.

Once you install the monitoring software on the devices used by your workers, you can know where they are and what they are doing. However, picking up a reliable and efficient employee monitoring software is the key. Not all monitoring software gives you the desired results. We have reviewed here the top-notch employee tracking software TheOneSpy to let you understand how this software facilitates employers in keeping their traveling workers under surveillance.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Application

There are numerous monitoring applications rightly available in the spy market. Every application has its own features, price and functionality. TheOneSpy is found to be the most efficient, feature-rich and inexpensive best cell phone spy app that is particularly intended for employer. The app comes preloaded with hundreds of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted device without letting the target know. It lets you track GPS location of your workers, monitor their messages, phone calls, emails, contacts, internet use, keylogs and almost everything.

Once you install the monitoring software on their cell phone devices after taking their informed consent, you can monitor and manage their cell phones via online portal of spy app. You only need internet access and a smartphone to witness activities performed by your workers on their own mobile phone devices. By logging into the online portal of the spy app on your own device, you can see what your target is doing on its mobile phone. It lets you know if your worker is involved in unproductive or malicious activities within and beyond the workplace.

How to Monitor Traveling Workers

The transporter and carrier companies have traveling employees who are assigned to deliver an consignment to another place. Such companies cannot monitor their traveling workers with surveillance cameras. The cell phone monitoring software enables carrier companies to remain aware of their workers movements by tracking their cell phones.

TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app lets you know the exact current GPS location of your worker and it also shows the location history of each worker to keep you updated about their tours. You can know where your worker is at a certain time; whether he is on assigned route or not and how much time he may require completing his tour. All these questions and many other queries can be solved with the help of cell phone tracking app.

By logging into the online spy account, you can see the current GPS location of your worker and see the route map explaining the complete tour. This information enables companies to enhance the efficiency of the workers by preventing them from killing their working hours on unproductive and personal tasks. It also prevents the workers from unnecessary delays that may cause the company to bear heavy losses.

Geo-Fencing Feature of Cell Phone Tracking App

The cell phone tracking app also offers geo-fencing to allow the end-user of the spy app to mark multiple locations to stay informed of the target’s entrance and departure from the marked locations. For example, you can mark location A and B. The location A is the place from where the worker is required to collect the consignment and location B is the place where the delivery of that consignment is due. The cell phone spy app will notify you when the worker would reach and leave location A and B. This also lets you manage time and efficiency of the workers.

You can also use the geo-fencing feature of the spy app to prevent your workers from going to unwanted places. For example, if your worker goes to a forbidden place during a consignment delivery, the spy app will let you know about it. In short, the cell phone tracking app keeps you updated about every single movement of your workers outside the workstation.      

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