Seven Perks Of Password Station

A brief of password station

A password station allows the employees of an organization to securely reset their forgotten password in a jiffy, anywhere and anytime using a web browser.

By cutting down on help desk calls your company will save a significant amount of money. Many studies stats show that approx 30 percent of all support calls occur to assist users, those who have forgotten their password ,plus if you take into account employee downtime waiting to regain access to the network, each of such help desk calls costs $30 on an average to a company. Add to that, the precious time spend on resetting a password is time taken away by customer support technician helping others. Therefore, it is not a great business strategy to let password reset requests flood your call center. In simple words, a password station allows users to recover their password themselves without contacting an in-house technician.

Perks of password station

The password station self-access password recovery services technology present immediate and recognizable payback to your organization IT department, employees, and bottom line. And, the best part with password station your business doesn’t have to compensate on security for enhanced quality of service.

Seven payback of password station:

  1.    Reduce costs

Password stations help companies to automate password reset and account unlocking, and, thus reduce costs by eliminating the primary source of help desk calls.

  1.    Boost employees productivity

A password station optimizes employee efficiency by consistently solving forgotten password issue in seconds.  Moreover, password station harmonization lowers the number of account passwords your employee has to remember, and manage; only one password is required.

  1.    Enforce answerability

Every action performed by your employee via a power station is hoard in an audit log record. Your organization assigned administer will receive critical alerts and notification via email to ensure the security of your company’s vital data.

  1.   Essay deployment and low maintenance costs

A password station is effortless and speedy to incorporate with your business set up, typically it takes five minutes, plus a reboot configuration which takes 10 to 15 minutes allowing immediate installation benefits without any interruption to your network.

  1.    Improve Security

Password station inserts another coating of security to your existing security infrastructure.

  1.    Anytime and anywhere access

Access to a web browser enables a user to recover the password and undo his account without requiring any remote assistance.

  1.    Decrease Frustration

With password station, you can get rid of the typical delays, and the hassles associated with it and wasting time to wait on hold for a help desk individual helping someone else with password query. It not only removes the burden from your in-house help desk, but also let your employees get back to work with minimum delays.  

Other than this there are many benefits to be had from password station: Enterprise risk management, Help Desk management, and Help Desk management.

The above seven benefits of a password station system are some excuses for businesses to invest on this.

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