Fantastic World Of Foam!

As you’d expect, we absolutely love foam and it is such a superbly versatile material that we struggle to imagine a world without it! Foams of different consistencies, grades and finishes are an essential part of our everyday lives and are used for a multitude of domestic and commercial applications. For example, PU foams are used for furniture foam blocks, bedding, packaging blocks, paint pads and rollers, seals and gaskets and filters and we can provide any type of polyether or polyester foam manufactured to your exact specifications.

Meanwhile, many of us also rely on different types of protective foams in order to make our lives and jobs safer. These types of foams are used in the manufacture of helmet linings for bikers, cyclists, skateboarders and horse riders, knee and elbow pads for bikers, body armour for ice hockey players and stab vests used by the police and military. However, whatever sport you love, no matter how obscure, we can design bespoke protection which is perfect for your purposes. Meanwhile, coloured foams are used in any application where a bright colour can add aesthetic impact or provide a safety feature. These types of foams can be used to create sports balls, foam dice, kneeling mats, play mats and special promotional products, lettering, hats and masks. Audio foams are also used in applications such as microphone shields, speaker covers, ear defenders and sound meter mufflers.

As Europe’s premier foam suppliers, we can provide any type of foam for any type of application, so please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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