Custom printed lanyards for less

Every business is aware of security concerns. If staff aren’t vigilant and sign in systems aren’t watertight, then anyone can sneak in and make off with valuable equipment and priceless information. It’s an all too common problem. A break in can be incredibly costly and disruptive. Especially if thieves walk off with important data that could leak into the public domain.

Lanyards are great. They allow staff to prominently display their ID badges so security staff know who is authorised to be on site. It’s a nice touch to get them customised too. Extra branding and heightened visibility is never a bad thing.

Some people mistakenly think that custom printed lanyards are a costly additional expense. Creating bespoke designs sounds expensive, but it’s actually really easy and affordable thanks to suppliers who are pioneering new affordable techniques to create printed lanyards to order.

Any business can submit artwork via a website and then hit the button to order. The supplier will do the rest. It’s a simple and cost effective way to produce batches of personalised lanyards, complete with company logos and slogans without running up big bills.

There are all kinds of cost pressures right now and almost every expense is coming under scrutiny. Anyone involved in procurement has to be that bit smarter and find ways to get more value for money. This is one of them. Customisation doesn’t have to mean extra outlay. Innovative suppliers have streamlined the process to create bespoke lanyards, which helps to save both time and money.

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