Select A Solar Panel Installer With Proper Research

If you want to install solar photovoltaic panels, it is important to find an expert and reputed solar installer recognised with MCS (Micro Certification System) for carrying out the installation process. The installers will decide whether a solar PV panel is suitable for your place or not, upon visiting your place. The installer can advise you in understanding different aspects of these panels. They will inform you about the perfect size of a unit suitable for your place and how much it will charge for installing your selected solar system. A lot of solar panel installers in Berkshire and other parts of the worldare offering professional and highly maintained services. You can opt for any solar panel installer that suits your needs and preferences.

Below mentioned things are important to reflect on, while selecting a solar panel installer:

Select an MCS recognised installer

It is extremely essential to appoint the services of an MCS certified solar panel installer. MCS, stands for the Micro-generation Certification Scheme, which is assisted by the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and is a self-governing scheme that qualifies micro-generation products like solar PV panels, and the service providers that install them. In fact, all the solar panel companies must be MCS certified and are members of the REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) Assurance Scheme.

Right size of a system

You want to know about what size of a solar panel system is appropriate. The solar installer, who comes to your home, will be capable to suggest you the right size of the system for meeting your needs with his great experience and a complete knowledge. Normally, the size of a solar panel system is determined by the electricity consumption and the roof space accessible for panel installation purposes. Hence, it is beneficial to collect some electricity bills as a reference point for installers, at the time of the visit. Small scale residential solar panel systems fall into the category of 0 to 4 WP capacity.


Cost is a major factor to consider, when it comes to solar panel installation process. To acquire the best probable cost, you can contact accredited and professional solar panel installers in your local area. They will give you the best and affordable quotes for these systems by assessing a lot of factors.

Experienced installers

When it comes to selecting a solar panel installer, the more knowledge and experienced he has, the chances will be higher to hire. Just like it is extremely essential that the installer must be certified under the MCS Scheme, knowledge and experience as well accounts up to a great extent. Hence, it will definitely pay off for doing a little bit of investigation into how long the solar panel installer has been in this field and how much experience and skill they have in installing the systems.

The internet technology is a perfect option for it. You must visit the company website of solar panel installers in Berkshire to know more about them. You can check some testimonials and reviews about them on their website that reveals a lot about them

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