Three Quick and Easy Tips to Remember for Basic DIY


There are any number of different ways to complete a DIY task. For even the most assured though, it is always good to have a few basic tips on hand to refer to. These essentials should always be remembered.

Make sure things measure up

Often the scourge of any job in the home is not getting the measurements correct. This is true whether shaping a new fitted wardrobe, installing a kitchen worktop, or papering a wall.

Simply having reliable measuring tools, checking the numbers at least twice and having someone else check them a third time should ensure mistakes never happen, though. Another bonus tip is to always carry a sharp pencil, and write the measurements on the wall of where the action is.

Messy paint cans no more

Despite all the new painting systems to help get a smooth finish with minimum fuss, one problem continues to rear its head – clogged up paint can rims. Often used to remove excess paint from a brush, rims can all too quickly overflow and get incredibly messy.

With the use of a simple punch, or simply a small nail and hammer though, holes can be added into the rim. Hey presto! The excess paint drains back into the can rather than lazily slide its way to the carpet.

One of the basics

The final essential tip is to always have plenty of screwdrivers to hand. Owning a full set with a whole host of different sized heads makes sense, and ensures that any annoying problem can quickly be fixed.

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