Avoiding Complications When Transporting Abnormal Loads

There are many issues that can accompany transporting abnormal loads. If the total weight of a vehicle and contents exceeds 44,000 kilograms, has a width greater than 2.9 metres or is longer than 18.65 metres, the vehicle will be classed as being or having an abnormal load.

Whilst businesses can often move such abnormal loads themselves, there will be many more things to consider compared with transporting an ordinary load and not only will you need to follow certain regulations and inform the relevant authorities about your journey, but you may also need to incur further costs in using a specialist abnormal load escort vehicle.

There are of course ways around these hassles and costs, and by utilising the services of a haulage company with the knowledge and infrastructure in place to deal with such abnormal loads, you may not just save time and hassle but, surprisingly, the process may actually work out cheaper.

Not only will it remove the need to buy specialist vehicles or hire specific personnel for projects that may be few and far between, but using specialist transport services will also allow you to let them deal with the legal ramifications of moving larger loads or driving vehicles that are classed as abnormal loads.

However, it is important to make decisions in advance as any haulage that involves getting clearance through a Specialist Order application can take ten weeks to be processed and therefore, not only will using a specialist company remove such hassles, but it will ensure that you know exactly how long it will take to get clearance to move loads of different sizes.

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