Powering Your Forklift: Is It Time For Your Business To Switch To A More Environmentally-Friendly Option Within Your Warehouse?

Greater numbers of companies are switching to gas-powered vehicles all the time, citing cost and environmental cleanliness as major reasons for this change. You only need to look at the pumps at petrol stations to see the savings that can be made when choosing to power a car with gas as opposed to the much more expensive alternatives of diesel or petrol.

Of course, for those with forklift trucks, it is unlikely that it will make much sense to look at conversions, with the cost of such changes likely to outweigh the savings one will make – in the short run, at least. However, when it comes time to update the vehicles you use in your warehouse or even simply to make expensive repairs, it may then make perfect sense to look at replacing current vehicles with the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly LPG alternatives.

The initial cost of an electric forklift option will be far greater than that of an LPG forklift, and there will also be many other constraints placed on the former.

Not only are electric forklift trucks not recommended for outdoor use, but there may be significant periods of time when they cannot be used at all whilst they are plugged in to recharge. With gas trucks, it will take a matter of just a few minutes to change a tank and get them back in action, ensuring that the potential of such vehicles can be optimised both inside and out.

Added Benefits of LPG

Not only will LPG be better for the environment, but it will also be far more appealing to staff too. Not only will the lack of fumes ensure that such vehicles can be used safely inside, but the reduced noise when compared to diesel options means that sound pollution does not need to be a consideration either and that, in turn, the working environment will feel far less oppressive and draining.

The propane used in LPG vehicles is the cleanest of all burned fossil fuels whilst also being a fraction of the price of diesel. At the same time, such vehicles can offer a great deal of potential and power, ensuring that whilst costs and pollution will be dramatically decreased, the productivity of a company may be increased rather than compromised.

If you are aware of the need to decrease your carbon footprint but wish to do so without spending more money or indeed losing productivity, choosing to switch from diesel forklift trucks to those powered by gas will be a very easy and effective way to achieve your goals.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger who regularly contributes articles for companies such as Calor Gas.

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