Quick and Simply DIY Tasks to Do During Winter

With the wet and windy days that are commonplace throughout the British winter, it can be a challenge to get out and about completing jobs around the home. However, it is perhaps the most important time of the year to get things sorted and, working hard will be warming and save on heating bills too.

Essential Tasks

There are a number of jobs that should be done right from autumn and all through the winter, such as checking the guttering and flushing it with pressure washers. Leaves, twigs, other debris and ice can all cause blockages and cracks to appear, so keeping an eye on this is essential.

Checking the boiler is in good order is also important, ideally before the weather gets really cold. This sort of job is probably best left to a Gas Safe professional though.

Draught Exclusion

The winter period is a time when it is always good to have a draught free home. The start of winter as temperatures drop and wind speeds pick up, is a great time to make sure the hatches are battened down.

A quick tour around the house is usually enough to see where problems are. Temporary options such as lining windows with plastic film also work well, and need nothing more specialised than a few basic hand tools.

These quick fixes work very well, but, when time allows in the spring, it could well be worth looking at permanent solutions. Replacing doors, installing double glazing and adding more insulation always helps, whilst robust gutter management systems can also be found.

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