6 Benefits Of Printed Packaging

Printed packaging can be anything from tissue paper to stickers to the mailing box you send your goods off in. It doesn’t have to be for e-commerce stores, either. You’ll find that many gift shops and homeware brands provide printed packaging in-store because they understand the practical and potential benefits it has. 

Considering swapping to using printing packaging or changing up how you present your goods to customers? Find out more about the best benefits of printed packaging and upgrade, today! 

Printed Packaging Is Affordable & Convenient 

Businesses can choose the best materials for them, adapting how they wrap and transport goods depending on the ordered products. This means you only need to order what you are going to use, but also, you can control the cost of your packaging, by choosing affordable options. Packaging such as tissue paper and packaging tape are easy to store, taking up very little space wherever you are running your business from. 

First Impressions Count

If you are an online brand, often, the first physical impression a customer is going to have of your brand is the printed packaging. This means it is so important to present them with something high-quality and on-brand. These first impressions could improve a customer’s overall experience of dealing with your business, which means they might be more likely to be a returning customers. Converting a one-off customer into a returning customer is reportedly 25 x more valuable, too! 

Even More Branding Opportunities

Branding is key, particularly when you are trying to establish your style and message. For example, if you are an eco-friendly brand you would look inauthentic and perhaps lose the trust of your customers if you presented goods in a plastic bag or plastic mailing bag. 

Your designs can help capture customers but also promote your business to new people. If you are sending goods through the post or giving your customers something to transport their new purchases home with them, you want to make sure the brand design is effective, persuasive and truly represents you, because every person that comes across it is a potential customer and you could be building brand recognition. 

Customers Can Recycle And Remember Your Brand 

Printed packaging includes tissue paper and durable mailing boxes. As recycling and reusing becomes more and more important to consumers, they are more likely to hold onto products and packaging that they feel they could re-use. This means providing something stylish that your customer wants to keep means they might revisit your brand at a later date, remembering who you are and the great experience they had with you! 

Elevate The Standard Of Your Business 

61% of consumers say that a styled, high-quality design on printed packaging makes a brand appear more “upscale”. For SMEs and independent businesses looking to appear more corporate, this is a great incentive to upgrade your packaging. Alternatively, it could add value to your products, by extending the unboxing experience. Psychological and sociological studies show that ‘unboxing’ adds to customer experience, because it makes things feel more luxurious, in turn making products feel better value for money.  

One-layer unwrapping makes consumers think of necessary purchases, like the things they buy at the supermarket, for example. Subconsciously, this means that not a lot of value is appointed to the product. As we have already mentioned, adding a second layer of packaging can be really cheap but also drive profit in the long run. 


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