6 Ways To Add Spacious Look In Your Home With Full Body Mirror

Mirrors in modern homes are used to improve the interior outlook. Most homeowners try to introduce elegance and classiness by using mirrors within their homes. A common practice by interior designers and homeowners that are used to DIY projects is using mirrors to make their homes look larger. Mirrors that are well set in a house may contribute to making it look larger. Interior designers work with the available room spec to ensure they create an environment that looks larger than it is. For instance, the full body mirror may be placed within the bathroom to make it look spacious. However, this should be done with a lot of precision because everything can go wrong in a matter of minutes. When installing full body mirrors, considering other accessories within the room should be a priority. Understanding the elements of interior design can be helpful in identifying the right position to install your full body mirrors. If you are wondering what you can do to make various rooms in your house look larger, this article focuses on discussing six primary ways to install full body mirrors to add a spacious look.

Mirror In The Living Room

The living room is a center of attraction for many people.  Every visitor has to be in the living room before proceeding to other areas. Making the living room look spacious can add classiness and comfort in your home. Placing a full body mirror in your living room requires you to be precise about the size of the wall. When placing a full body mirror in the living area, you should ensure that you place in a position that it reflects any accessories on the opposite wall. For instance, if you have antique art hung on one wall of your living room, you can install a full body mirror on the opposite wall so that it makes a reflection of the art. When a person is sited opposite the mirror, they can spot the art behind their wall.

Additionally, since the mirror is at a distance from the opposite wall, there is the illusion of more space in the room. In addition to this, you should ensure that the mirror covers an entire wall. This could be done using one mirror or layering several mirrors together.  The joints should be well fixed to avoid any instances of overlapping. Also, the mirror should be hang using wall brackets. This not only helps to avoid damaging the wall but also makes it safe and the mirror cannot fall off easily. If you are not certain about the position to install the full body mirror in your living room, consulting an interior designer can be helpful.  

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is used for personal cleaning and tidiness. It is a space which has been transformed into modern homes to include bathtubs, spas and shower enclosures. Having mirrors in the bathroom can be an added advantage due to the creation of an illusion of more space.  Identification of the ideal place to install the full body mirror within the bathroom can be challenging if you are doing a DIY project. However, placing the mirror just above the vanity sink can do the magic of making your bathroom space look bigger. Usually, the full body mirror to be placed above the vanity should be placed in a horizontal orientation. The horizontal orientation helps to cover a larger surface and therefore more illusion of larger space. The wall where the vanity is located should be installed with the full body mirrors on the top and bottom parts. With the horizontal full body mirror, the vanity can be used by more than one person concurrently. A homeowner should identify the amount of space available within their bathroom so that they can decide on the size of the full body mirror that they should have. This means that the inability to identify the actual space within your bathroom can be challenging in buying the right size or mirror in the long run. If there is vanity sink, you should ensure that it does not interfere with the mirror design so that space can look spacious when the mirror is fully installed. Fab Glass and Mirror is the best online store for buying all types of mirrors and glass.

Bedroom Space

Adding accessories in the bedroom is a common practice among many contemporary homeowners. Making the bedroom look more spacious can add some warmth and elegance to your modern home. If you are looking forward to introducing a mirror in your bedroom, ensure that you select just the right size. The mirror can be placed above the head side of the bed. Just above the bed, a horizontal full body mirror can be installed to make the pace look larger. Usually, when the mirror is placed above the bed, it creates a reflection of the bed which gives the illusion of a larger space.

Additionally, the mirror can be extended from above the bed head to either side of the bed. The entire wall where the head of the bed lies can be installed with a highly reflective mirror. A tip when installing the mirrors in the bedroom is to select the right frame that introduces classiness in the room. You don’t want only to have an illusion of space but also have some sense of elegance. Seeking the services of an interior designer can help you decide whether to install a frameless or a framed full body mirror in your bedroom.

Home Gym

Having a home gym in contemporary society is considered essential. Homeowners need to exercise their bodies to keep themselves healthy. Having a well-equipped gym can make it easy to practice without an instructor. Full body mirrors are ideally installed in the home gyms to create an illusion of more space and to help the instructors or the users to monitor their body movements. If you have limited space in your home gym, having a full body mirrors can be a useful idea to transform it into a larger looking space. When installing the full body mirrors in the gym, you should ensure that you place several mirrors vertically next to each other. This helps to ensure that a large area is covered within the gym. If you have a large area covered, you may end up making the room more spacious due to the numerous reflections. Usually, many homeowners would just prefer installing the mirrors on one wall. However, it would be ideal, if two opposite walls of a home gym are installed with the full body mirrors. The infinite reflections create the illusion of a bigger and wider space.


Installing mirrors on stairways in your home or office is a modern trend which many homeowners are willing to invest in. The full body mirrors can be installed at the bottom or top of the stairways in a home. When you install the mirror at the bottom of the stairways, a person coming from upper rooms sees a reflection of the stairways as they go down. This creates an illusion of more space like the stairs are extended into the wall. This is the same if you have a mirror installed at the top of the stairway. Ideally, it is possible to install the mirror placed at an angle so that it reflects artwork placed on eth stairway way walls. For instance, if you place a mirror at the bottom of the stairway, it should reflect a piece of art that is placed at the top of the stairway. This way, there is elegance and uniqueness created in addition to the illusion of more space within your home and office.

The Dining Area

The dining area is an essential space that you could use full body mirrors to create an illusion of more space. If you are looking forward to creating a unique dining area in your home or office, introducing a framed full body mirror would do the trick. The mirror should be placed on one wall behind the furniture. When the mirror is behind the furniture, the reflections made make space appear larger than it is. When selecting the frame to be used in dinning mirrors, going for the antique look could make the dining space look more elegant in the long run. Wooden frames for full body mirrors are popular among modern homeowners due to their uniqueness and the classiness they bring with them. Also, the frames should be painted with a color that complements the theme of your home or office. Further, if you are using more than one mirror for our dining walls, you should ensure that the boundary between the mirrors is well sealed. Having open boundaries can make everything look unattractive.

Precautions To Take When Installing Full Body Mirrors

When you are installing the mirrors in your home, use the most appropriate hanging method to avoid any kind of accidents. If you are using adhesives, ensure that the wall is cleaned before installation. Also, if you are using the wall mounts, ensure they are properly fastened to the wall.

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