Why To Use Single Carport? When It Is Applicable?

There are various styles of carports and each is used in different situations. Single carport is also referred to as single slope carport or the lean-to carport. When the space is less, this kind of carport proves to be a more suitable option. If you want the carport to be attached to your house, it is worth considering this style. A multi slope carport may not be useful in some cases, since the appearance of the carport will be way different from the home structure and it may not serve the desired purpose.

What a Single Carport is?

Wondering what it is? Actually, it is a single wide metallic structure which is meant to cover a truck, car, boat or any recreational vehicle. The standard width of such carport can be 12 inches, but it may be as narrow as 8 inches in compact conditions. As it is meant to shelter just a single vehicle used regularly, the kind of carport is called single carport. But, within this style, you may also find large carports that may even fit a truck, a recreational vehicle or a motorhome. They are available usually in kits whereby you can follow the instructions and install the carport all by yourself. Its assembly and installation are simple and quick as well. What you need is a screwdriver, a wrench, a hammer and a few other tools. It is even easier to install an open carport since they have a support beam and a roof.

Material Options for a Single Carport


The material used for making a single carport is extremely durable such that it may withstand even the worst of climatic conditions. Modern carports are constituted of metal, vinyl and wood. The ones made up of metal are pretty expensive, but you are actually paying for long lasting and durable carport structure. A steel carport will be better option for your car, since it requires minimal maintenance and you won’t spend any repair bucks in future. It won’t even require any coat of paint or any maintenance work. Have a closer look at the dimension of the carport before doing the installation work. It must offer complete coverage to the vehicle. A fully enclosed carport will offer complete coverage. The area storing your vehicle may even be locked up without any problem.

You may leave your vehicle while you are away from the home. Material options are steel, polyethylene and aluminium. Each type of carport varies in pricing, durability and portability. When purchasing the carport, your budget matters a lot. It is crucial to do some research before making any purchase. Having a carport to store your cherished vehicle is more cost effective than using a garage for vehicle storage. Polyethylene and polyester carports are usually meant for temporary usage. They are easy to maintain and assemble. If you want a carport with increased strength, then go for an aluminium one. Aluminium is durable and can withstand different elements. It may resist tough weather conditions, but it is not that aesthetically pleasing.

Carports are Great Investments

If you want to give your home a stylish touch and want your vehicles to enjoy ultimate safety and luxury, then steel carport is always the best option. They may be a bit pricey, but it is always the best investment. Apart from offering shelter to your car, this carport also adds a stylish touch to the modern homes. The mere installation of a carport can increase the value of your property. You have to consider the shape and size of the carport, the material used to make it, and the size of the vehicle you are planning to store in it. The space required by carport is dependent on the usability. Then, it may be attached to the home or might stand alone detached.

Now that you have made up your mind to install a single carport for your vehicle, choose any style and colour of your carport and get the best way to safeguard your asset.

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