An Ultimate Guide For Exploring Bangalore City

Bengaluru aka Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state. It is the centre of India’s high-tech industry and the city is also known for its greenery and nightlife. It has grown out as a cosmopolitan city, thanks to the influx of people coming down from various parts of the country and the globe. The weather of Bangalore is pleasant, which attracts more tourists throughout the year and has many places that are worth visiting.

The concept of nightclubs, dining, shopping malls have become common and people love indulging in them on weekends. For people who are visiting Bangalore for the first time, here is the list of seven things which will help in exploring the city-:

Bangalore Palace:

Beyond the foothill of this city, the Bangalore Palace will surprise you before seeing as it is enclosed by beautiful gardens and is a preferred destination for events and programs. One can take the metro, bus or rental car to reach the Bangalore Palace.

Cubbon Park:

As Bangalore is known as city of gardens, Cubbon Park is the reason for it. This green haven reclines over 300 acres and it is dense with greenery all around. This is a great way to get away from the bustle of the city from right within it. For peace and serenity, make an early go and take a run along the tree-lined avenue to get a feel of the city.

ISKON Temple, Bangalore:

For a devotee of Krishna, this is the place as it is serene and calm. It is the largest ISKCON temples in the world. This temple is situated on Hare Krishna Hill.

Grab a beer:

Well, if you want to know why Bengaluru is known for beer and nightlife then, you need to go to Biere Club or Toit Bar as they both offer the best beers in the world with great food.

Go for a Movie:

Watching Hindi, Tamil or Telugu movies in Bangalore is not old school as here one can experience every kind of theatre, be it 7D theatre, PVR Cinemas and what not. Here in VR Mall, has IMAX which is an experience so real you feel it in your bones. It is one of a kind and is recommended to everyone out there.

Eat authentic South-India cuisine:

When in the mood for some traditional Southern food, Nagarjuna is suggested to all the travellers as it is popular for their never ending lunch meal. The menu offers-steamed rice, dal, Poriyal, Rasam, sambar, pickle, papad, buttermilk and yoghurt and the food is served on a banana leaf, to give authentic touch.

Street Shopping:

Commercial Street is a haven for Shopaholics. From the simplest to trendiest of clothes, you will find it all. It is one of the oldest and busiest shopping areas of Bangalore and known for its eclectic shopping destinations and food joints and is best explored walking.

So now after getting an idea about the attractions of Bangalore and the activities you can enjoy in the city.You can plan your next visit to Bangalore effectively.


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