Choosing Abnormal Load Services

An abnormal load is a vehicle which has a weight of more than 44 tonnes, a width of more than 2.9 metres or a length of more than 18.65 metres. If you have a cargo that requires abnormal load specialist transportation services, it is vital to plan any proposed movement in plenty of time to avoid hold ups.

Before a haulage company can move an oversized load they must first get consent from the county/borough council, the Local Highway Authority and the Police. After this, an appropriate route needs to be planned. All this takes time; you cannot decide one day that you need to move a large item and expect to move it the next. Generally, authorities require two days notice, longer for loads over 150 tonnes in weight, 6.1 metres in width or 27.4 metres in length.

Moving abnormal loads can be a costly and potentially dangerous business, and this makes finding the right haulage company incredibly important. You will no doubt want to use a reputable company that has a great deal of experience in the field of specialist transport. Companies that have been transporting abnormal loads for many years will have unrivalled knowledge of exactly what kind of transport any load requires and will then be able to offer such services at a very competitive price.

It is definitely worth doing your research as at least one specialist company, David Watson Transport, has a police dispensation for the majority of the United Kingdom for up to 3.5 metre-wide loads, which means whereas other hauliers have to give the two days notice as mentioned, they do not.

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