Clearing Large Liquid Deposits Through Pumps

In mining situations, during general clean-up of water bodies and slurry deposits, you need to have pumps that can operate with consistency and are rugged. Submersible water pumps from Prestige Universal Mining Pumps can be a great option to use in such a scenario. Made with high-quality materials such pumps are quite powerful can be used in many locations and under any circumstances.

You can always choose to buy new pumps or look for options that can offer good servicing and repair. In such cases and even when looking for spare parts, you’ll have to find a store or a company that can offer all such services. A one-stop-shop solution is better for all instances when operating on mining businesses.

Submersible pumps or mining pumps can be of many different kinds. Based on the kind of material being moved and disposed of, pumps have to be chosen. Some are better suited towards certain materials, some are faster, others are stronger. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular types of mining pumps that are in use nowadays.

Centrifugal pumps can have axial, radial and mixed flows. They use rotating blades that create suction. As a result, the material is moved through pipes. Suction generated by the rotating blades is due to centrifugal force and that is why the name of the pump.

In Positive Displacement Pumps cavities are created on the suction and discharge ends that creates movement of fluid and helps move material. There’s a pressure difference created from the varying actions at both ends. These kinds of pulls and pushes create enough force to move fluid quickly and efficiently. The kinds of pumps differing as per the flows can be categorised into reciprocating and rotary pumps.

Though the pumps mentioned above are the ones that are primarily used, there can be more specialised pumps that have different mechanisms and flows combined together to suit certain situations. If you are unsure which kind of pump will fit your needs, it is better to check with a specialist about a pump that can work flawlessly with your intended operations.

Some important things that are to be considered when choosing pumps, submersible in specific, can be listed as the following – 

  • The material to be moved or drained. If the material is thick and viscous like oil, pumps need to be more powerful.
  • If the fluids to be moved are deep in holes or crevices, you need more lifting power from the pump.
  • If there is a lot of fluid to be moved from a broader area, you need pumps that are fast and can operate on wider bore pipes.
  • Compressed air, electricity and many other kinds of fuel can be used to power the pump. Purchase a pump whose power source will not cause overheads.

In mining, mixed with the fluid there can be harsher minerals and small rocks that can cause damage to the internal parts of the pump. So be careful of the kind of material the pump is built of and the material that you’d be moving.

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